Raymond Phoon

Author, Sales Psychologist & International Motivational Speaker

CEO, PowerUpSuccess Group

I have known Ken for quite a few years now and have always been impressed with his passion and commitment to excellence. This shows up clearly in his maiden book, Everyone Can Sell. It captures the comprehensive essence of what it takes for anyone who desires to be a successful sales professional.

Described in layman terms and colloquial speak, this book is an excellent tool not just for those aspiring to improve themselves as sales professionals but also for sales leaders looking for a definitive guide in developing a foundational training track for their sales teams.

As a seasoned sales practitioner, trainer, consultant and sales author myself, I can truly appreciate Ken’s consistent theme in this book, which leverages on the impact of a Sales professional’s preferred and inclined style vs the adaptive approach that is needed to win clients over.

I can highly collaborate the validity as well as the relevancy of his content and approach in this book.
A recommended read for anyone who wants to have the extra edge in their daily sales endeavours.

Well done, Ken!

Ta Minh Tuan

Forbes 30 Under 30 Asia, CEO HELP International, Chairman YUP Education

Ken is one of the Best Sales System Builders that I know!

He has developed many programs that are powered by his 28 years of experience, embracing technology and useful tools for Asia market!

Darren Lee

Senior Group District Director
Sales Trainer & Strategist

Savills Residential Pte Ltd

In Order for everyone to succeed in selling, going through sales training program is not good enough.

Top salesperson must know who they are in terms of their personalities & how that can be leveraged upon to meet the current fast changing market.

In this book, Everyone Can Sell clearly proves that the 6 Sales Profiles will bring the salesperson to greater heights after they have applied it.

Suratep Lohitkul


First Vice President – Agency Development, Ocean Life Insurance Company.

GAMA Thailand Former President

There are a lot of books about the art & science of sales. Everyone Can Sell is not just a book or a training program. It is substantial research done by successful salesperson presented in a book, with a training program and tools.

With a clear and simple concept, Ken Bay is the sales scientist. He proves that everyone can sell in asystematic way. With 6 Sales Profiles that represent different personalities, Ken Bay is the sales artist. He gives us lively images of salesperson in varied styles.

Testimonials from the Financial Services Industry

Years ago, almost by random, Ken bay joined the financial industry. Before he knew it, he rose to become one of the top agency directors. Although he left the industry to start his own company, vociesofsales, he always had a passion for those still in the industry. Now, voicesofsales provides comprehensive training to the next generation of financial planners. Here is what they had to say!
FROM ECS training 1st June 2017

“Anyone in sales should go try it (the ECS program), especially for someone whom plans to do a management job.”
Pang Yuanchen

“I think Ken has managed to simplify what sales process is about and also allow me to understand the different sales images are about. Most importantly, allows me to embrace sales and accept who we really are.”
Eileen Quek

“Great program. Every sales person should go though this program.”
Ng Kee Ting

ECS Testimonial : how did the training benefit you?

ECS Training Testimonial

ECS Training Testimonial

ECS Training Testimonial

Testimonial for Singapore Press Holding Training

Apart from ECS, Voicesofsales also conducts customized corporate training. Hence we were invited to train newspaper vendors by Singapore Press Holdings ( SPH ) Here iis what the participants had to say!

SPH Training Testimonial

SPH Training Testimonial

ECS training course - Prudential Vietnam

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