Why you should attend

Everyone is interested in improving themselves though soft skills, especially those in the sales and marketing line as they need to work with people on a daily basis. However, most soft skill training in the market tend to be motivation based, simply motivating the individual to work harder.

What our course, SSPL, offer is a clear and concise matrix, systemizing soft skills into seven core areas that is easily understood, and simple to apply once learnt.  This was developed specifically based on Asian Wisdoms, on the important of relationship and how we conduct business among ourselves.

On completion , we can assure that you will be able to give your customers and co-workers the WOW experience , hence be able to bring in better results both in sales and working relationships. Business can expect to see improvement, as their staff will be more productive and effective at their jobs and working in teams.

Why you should attend our course

1. Built on Asian Sales Wisdom
2. Disruptive sales training and consulting methodology.
3. Provide a personalized intelligence report that can be quickly applied in your professional endeavors to achieve peak performance.

Course Outline

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SSPL-PROPOSAL-Course Outline


Course objective


1. To help learners to understand the 7 critical soft skills that are key factors to success professionally.

2. To understand how the 6 metaphors of soft skills As intelligence strategies programmed to Self Motivate, Communicate effectively, Apply Critical Thinking In Di cult Situation, Lead, Working In A Team, Decision Making And Deadline Management.

3. The activities in the program will actively help the learners to internalize the 6 sciences of soft skills and its application in the workplace.

4. Using this 6 metaphors of soft skills in the day to day activities to achieve peak perform.


Course Content


1.     VOS Soft Skills Performance Loop

2.     Your Soft Skills Profile

3.     Overall Selling Philosophy

4.     Your Virtual Behaviors at work!

5.     The Wow Experience!

6.     Power Up your ’Selling’ Capability


Who should attend

Sales & Marketing & HR Executives, managers, Customers service officers, Accounts Managers, Entrepreneurs, Trainers and Consultants

Sample Certificate


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