Discover Your Sales Identity with Our Sales Talent Assessment

“Awareness Before Change” – Unlock Your Path to Sales Mastery

At Voices of Sales, we believe that self-awareness is the cornerstone of success in sales. Our Sales Talent Assessment, crafted from 28 years of real-world sales experience, is designed to illuminate your sales personality and capabilities, setting the stage for transformative growth and effectiveness.

Who Are You in Sales?

From a budding salesman to the “King of Cold Calls,” our founder’s journey through the sales industry has led to the creation of a unique model that categorizes sales strategies into six distinct types: Hunter, Painter, Actor, Consultant, Architect, and Farmer. This innovative framework helps you understand not just how you sell, but why certain methods resonate more with you, offering a clearer path to mastering your sales approach.

Transformative Insights for Sales Success

Our Sales Talent Assessment doesn’t just categorize you; it provides a foundation for growth and development. By identifying your selling type, you also learn how to adapt and enhance your approach to meet and exceed management’s expectations, ultimately driving sales and personal success.

A Tool Built on Experience and Success

Originally developed to tackle real issues in business consultancy, our assessment uses metaphors and real-life scenarios to depict the six selling methods vividly. This approach not only makes the assessment engaging but also ensures that the insights you gain are grounded in proven, practical strategies that have been honed over nearly three decades in the industry.

We Go Beyond Understanding – We Create Solutions

At Voices of Sales, our goal is to equip you with the knowledge and tools not just to understand but to excel. With a focus on ‘objective communication’ and the seven essential soft skills of the 21st century, this assessment is directly linked to practical applications in the 12 key points of the sales process, helping you build a robust and successful sales system for your enterprise.

Embark on Your Journey of Self-Discovery and Sales Excellence

Begin your assessment today and unlock your potential by understanding who you are, who you can become, and how you can revolutionize your approach to sales.




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