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ROAM Fast Start

What is ‘ROAM fast start’?

ROAM is a fast start program that refers to the process of getting results, finding opportunity, getting to the action, and understanding every step of engagement with the prospect to generate the sales more quickly and effectively.

Designed and trained by Singaporean mentor Ken Bay, who has over 30 years of experiences and expertise into building soft-skills and Sales Intelligence for Asians.

Ken bay is a business and sales mentor
Mentor Ken Bay
Why should you choose this?

What is the unique value proposition?

Role Play & Activities

Not just merely sales theories: More than 60% of the class time will be on Role Playing, Demonstration, Quiz, Sales Tool Application, Video Clips and Group Discussion/Presentation.

Simple Process

Easy and simple to understand program, no prior knowledge is required. Consistent, clear, and predictable sales process to manage performance of sales personnel and the campaign itself.

Global Standard

A course from Singapore following the Global Standard - with Certifications of accomplishment by VOS right after completing the course.

Fast Results

A result driven course that was created, not only to motivate, but to also push you in completing a step by step process to achieve higher sales & revenue

What you will learn?

Identifying your natural sales talent (X-Factor) via ‘Asian-Based’ sales profiling tool
How you can use your X-factor to set sales targets and win sales
Inspiring activities and provoking positive change in habit with 90 Daily Stimulus.
How to fast start sales activities toward organization’s objectives via sales automation app (iROAM) and manual option
Experiential training of ROAM methodology for sales professionals supported with tools like iROAM/One Card System, Mind-Coaching Matrix, Sales Process Kits etc

The program will help:

Keeping sales activities consistent and predictable;

Setting SMART sales target and managing it through a simple smart tools;

Gaining a Self coaching tool to be able to align yourself toward a fast start mindset, map the opportunities toward the right buyers, and stay motivated until the sales targets are met;

Preparing and planning your sales activity to close the deal at a brilliant price;

Confidently confronting the challenges and achieving success in your business careers.

Acquiring a comprehensive fast-start sales system for your business’ sales department and sales managers to power up immediate sales performance.

Knowing how to launch a sales campaign and quickly integrate sales personnel into the project;

Building a focus group of stakeholders to make selling always successful; 

Scalable to bigger sales campaign once sales process become commonly used;

Understanding the need to set benchmarks and incentives.

  • Confidence to lead with a system in place and effective  coaching tools (Quickdesk Breakfast Club);
  • Gaining a recruitment strategy designed around a proven system - the right track to success
What is included?

A step by step program that helps you set up plans and set SMART goals, to help you stay focused and motivated on your target results.

Introduce you to Project 100, a program that focuses on your Natural Market

Once everything is set up, let's get into Action. This is the step where you will focus on 3 levels of customers: Sure Close, Hot, Warm

Motivation is the important thing, it keeps you to go forward to your objectives and change your mind, your action in the right way.

REAL Learning Approaches

Reality-based: Practitioners’ sales concepts;
Experiential: Sharing of real life experience to facilitate sales skill learning;
Action: Class activities that will excite learners to apply;
Learning from the program that leads to a consolidated and customized sales plan to deliver Service Excellence with Perak Performance.

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