Trainers' Profile


Ken Bay

Because of his success, Ken became a highly sought-after trainer, with many seeking his counsel not only on sales but also on a wide range of topics such as business development, motivation, management and many more.

For his skills, he has done training and consultancy all over Asia, including Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and also other markets such as China and the Middle East.

Of course, he now trains both participants and future trainers at the company he has founded, Voices of Sales.

Fareed Fahmy trainer

Fareed Fahmy
Associate Trainer

Fareed has been passionate about business ever since he was 18 years old. After graduating from Royal Melbourne 7 years ago, he has spent his time in multiple businesses such as solo ads and e-commerce. Seeing the profits made, he helped clients to build websites to aid them in their businesses. In addition, he was an advisor for Action Teams, a team building company, where he assisted in setting up team building games, using technology, for large corporations such as Audi.

Even when he was busy, he decided to be a mentor for ITE students in the Mendaki mentorship programme for 3 years. From there, he discovered his passion in teaching. Having that passion coupled with his experience in the IT sector, he became a trainer in Pear Comms, a high technology company building a customer relationship management (CRM) software on sales compliance. He has trained over 500 corporate clients on this software over the years


Mohamed Fattah
Associate Trainer

I am 61 carat gold. It’s not how long I have lived but how much I can give. I will eventually R.I.P – Retire In Peace but while still not 6 feet under will continue to share practical knowledge with willing parties. In particular Sales knowledge and skill, an area I has been involved for almost 30 years.

More than 20 years brief experience in Great Eastern Life as a Life Planner, Division Manager and VP (Education) of GELPA Toastmasters club.

Love to put Good S•P•A•R•K in your life.
S – Skill P – Passion A – Attitude R – Reasons K – Knowledge

Stephan pic

Stephan Huang Jianming

Associate Trainer

Stephan Huang Jianming is a sort after speaker, trainer and presenter in organizations and schools. Since 2004, Stephan has facilitated and trained at multiple youth motivational and skills-based workshops and camps.

Over 10 years Stephan has touched the lives of over 7000 people from all walks of life. Stephan now serves as the Managing Director of his own training company Stecolate Pte Ltd offering training services. Trainings include sales presentations and coaching in areas such as business, social media management, internet marketing, mobile applications development ,communications, leadership and motivation.

In the last 2 years, he has been focusing on helping SMEs gain more traction in areas like their marketing efforts, HR, events and Sales.Stephan has spoken on stages in Singapore, Malaysia, China, Indonesia and Australia. His fun and highly engaging presentation style has captivated and inspired both young and old.Recently he completed his 8th marathon and set is on the goal to complete 100 marathons in his life-time. In addition, he also has a goal to start his very first chocolate café in Singapore.

Eric pic

Eric Lim

Associate Trainer

Eric Lim is currently a Senior Deputy Director at Synergy Financial Advisers Pte Ltd (SFA). His illustrious career spans over 16 years since his graduation from National University of Singapore in 1999. He achieved the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) for 3 consecutive years from 2001-2003, and in 2007, he became the Top 5 Manager in Asian Region. This presented him with the opportunity to give talks to agencies’ leaders and advisers in Vietnam, Indonesia and locally.

Led by his continued belief in training & development as foundation to a successful insurance career for new hires, Eric also actively contributed at the Financial Services Manager Association, Singapore, as the Education Chairman in 2010. Eric strongly believes in sharing his sales management knowledge with others and has been actively giving talks at various corporate and community platforms.