Everyone Can Sell!

Or can they?

Nothing beats the hands on, personal touch to a sales. That is why we at Voices of Sales have created a special program just for you!

In fact, Ken Bay has been doing sales training for many years. All the way back in the 1990s he started doing training for those in financial services. As his reputation grew, he quickly became a sought after trainer, not just training sales people but also sales leaders and even helping entire companies develop their sales process.

Everyone Can Sell is the distilled essence of all those years of training and experience into a simple one day training to give you an entertaining and education session on sales.

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ECS Trainee’s Workbook

As of Jan 2017, the course Everyone Can Sell has been SkillsFuture approved.

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Course Outline:

To help working professionals improve their sales by helping them to discover their hidden potential, building confidence and marketing themselves or their products/services to potential buyers.

By doing so they can increase revenue for the company as well as their overall employ-ability in the long run. It can also help these professionals win friends, potential buyers and form a great sales team for businesses.

Course Content

CE 1: “Everyone Can Sell!’

  1. Explain 6 virtual behaviors of Sales

CE 2: 12 points Of Sales Engagements (The Clock Model)

  1. Concept of marketing mix activities to generate sales
  2. 12 steps of prospects’ engagements (touch points)

CE 3: What Are The 6 Seen Sales Images Of Seller?

  1. Intro 6 sales seen profiles and learn their X-factors
  2. Peddling, needs-based, multi products/services, counseling, planning and advisory
  3. Matching of 6 sales profiles into 6 sales approaches

CE 4: Sales Intelligence Tool

1.Applications of 6 sales profiles (Oscar Award)

Photos from past training


“I think Ken has managed to simplify what sales process is about and also allow me to understand the different sales images are about. Most importantly, allows me to embrace sales and accept who we really are.”
Eileen Quek, Financial Planner



Certificate of Accomplishment


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