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What is ‘Everyone Can Sell’?

Everyone Can Sell is an Online Sales Training Program working as a Practical Sales Technique developed from practical studies by experienced and top sales professionals. 

It is used to set up the right mindset, right habit, and right thoughts to awake the potential/sales talent in individuals or business organizations to adopt a foolproof efficiency system for organizing sales.

What will you achieve?

Gaining all the necessary techniques to achieve your sales results more effectively.
Having a strong foundation of knowledge and sales tactics to maximize your sales potential.
Understanding the art & science of achieving the desired results faster with the Performance Loop Model.
Discovering your sales profile via the 6 different selling profiles with our Sales Talent Mapping tool.
Understanding the importance of needed critical soft skills to become a successful salesperson in the 21st century.
Becoming more proficient in lead conversion to improve customer experience and handle objections the right way.

What is the unique value proposition?

Designed to suit everyone.
Cover everything you need to know about sales.
A proven sales system created and taught by a mentor with over 30 years of experience and expertise in sales processes.
Globally Recognized Course - Certificate of accomplishment by VOS.
Flexible online classes - Pick the schedule and learn by yourself anywhere, anytime.
Affordable program. Multiple lessons that are specially curated.

Who this product/service is for?

Knowledge level: Junior to Advance


Startups, SME, MNC, GLC

Sales Professionals

Independent Sales Agents, Customers Engagement Specialists, Employed Sales Representatives


Those considering sales as a career in the future but still struggling with where to start, who they are, what skills they need, and how to do it


Those currently working in sales looking to increase their figures

What is included?

Including 5 modules with 33 lessons:

Lesson 1 - Millionaire Mindset 

Lesson 2 - Attitude is Everything!

Lesson 3 - Your Behavior Decides Destiny

Lesson 4 - Must Learn Skills

Lesson 5 - Obsessive Action

Lesson 6 - Fast Start your Results

Lesson 1 - Sales Hunter

Lesson 2 - Sales Painter

Lesson 3 - Sales Actor

Lesson 4 - Sales Counselor

Lesson 5 - Sales Architect

Lesson 6 - Sales Farmer

Skill 1 - Self Motivation

Skill 2 - Effective communication

Skill 3 - Leadership

Skill 4 - Teamwork

Skill 5 - Critical Thinking

Skill 6 - Decision Making

Skill 7 - Time Management

Step 1 - Generating Leads

Step 2 - Qualifying Leads

Step 3 - Pre-Approach

Step 4 - Making Approach

Step 5 - Arousing Interest

Step 6 - Building Trust 

Step 7 - Sales Presentation

Step 8 - Closing Sales 

Step 9 - Service Contract

Step 10 - Asking for Referral Leads

Step 11 - Customer Relationship Management

Step 12 - Customer Advocacy Process

Lesson 1 - ROAM 1

Lesson 2 - ROAM 2

Many incentives included – Along with a whole sales training program, you also receive
FREE “Everyone Can Sell” Book
FREE STM Report customized to your natural sales talent profile to discover your hidden sales talent
FREE everyone can sell Trainee Workbook
Practical Knowledge - Not merely sales theories but also course videos, readings, quizzes, and assignments with lots of real-life examples, experiences, and practical tools are provided, so you can apply what you learn right away to get better results.