Everyone Can Sell and Train the Trainer Malaysia

Everyone Can Sell and Train the Trainer Malaysia

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Date(s) - 26/08/2017 - 27/08/2017
9:00 am - 5:30 pm

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Everyone Can Sell (ECS) and Train The Trainer (TTT) Malaysia








Why learn to sell? Have yo u been avoiding the word “Sales” all this while?
Did you know that you are selling something everyday? How about selling an idea to your team?

Selling yourself in an interview or during a networking event?
Here is a training program to unleash the natural sales talents of individuals.

While VoicesofSales was founded in Singapore, it is a regional company with operations in Vietnam and our partners, Sales Genius in Malaysia. Sales Genius is conducting a both an ECS training ( 26th Aug)  as well as a specialized Train the Trainer program( 27th Aug), for those who are interested not in learning about the ECS program but also potentially training the content.

Why should you attend?

Every business wants to grow. Malaysia is big, with a population of 30 million and a GDP of over 300 Billion. More importantly it has a GDP growth of 4.6% , a sign of a growing economy, and with it, opportunity. As a economy develops, there will always be an increase in demand for goods and services, and hence a demand for sales people to fill those gaps . In addition, a growing economy means a changing economy, with old positions being eliminated to create those which can add higher value to the customers. The spoils of the growth will go to the victors, and those whom do not adapt will face extinction and irrelevance. As economics call it, structural unemployment. Being not longer important.

This ECS in Kular Lumpur is special as it allows a rare opportunity, a gateway into another market as we will have participants both from Singapore and Malaysia. To network with those across the border. An opportunity no sensible business person would miss.

Here are some photos from the last Malaysia ECS/TTT

This course is SkillsFuture Approved and can be claimed prior to the training start date.

Even though this course is in Malaysia, if you are Singaporean, age 25 and above, you can still claim skills future credit to cover the cost .

Call to Action

For more details on the course, kindly visit us at https://voicesofsales.com/everyone-can-sell/.

If you are interested in attending this extraordinary training, please drop us an email at sales@voicesofsales.com. Or click here. We will advise from there.

Special thanks to our Malaysian Partners. Do visit their facebook page @ salesgeniusasia

To keep updated on our activities, check us out at https://www.facebook.com/VoicesOfSales/. While you are there, please do give us a like!

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