One of the most valuable assets of any business is the customer database.

The ability to acquire, manage and communicate with a large customer da-
tabase is indispensable to the business’s success.

In this program, the participants are taught to organize and then send per-
sonalized targeted emails to the right customer at the right time. He is also taught to automate the process so as free up his time to perform other activities.

Course content

1. Introduction to Email Prospecting
2. Traditional Ways vs Email Prospecting Method of Connecting with Customers
3. Advantages of Email Prospecting
4. Applications of Email Prospecting
5. Capitalizing on Customer Lifetime Value
6. Developing Your Database
7. Organizing Your Database
8. Configuring the Email message
9. Understanding Email Etiquette
10. Scheduling Your Email

Certificate of Accomplishment


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Course Outline

Download the course outline Here

Course objective

  1. Enable the participants to set up a highly organized client database
  2. Send personalize emails to a large number of segmented clients readily
  3. Establish a high touch and regular interaction with clients automatically

Who should attend

Sales Professional, Business Owners, Execu-tive, Managers or anyone who use emails as a marketing and communications tool to connect with their target audience

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