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Build and lead

About it

What is the Build and lead?

B&L is a 3 days Offline training program focusing on Sell, Build, and Lead process.

What will you learn?

A standard system to build and lead a global sales organization.
An international recruitment and retaining system.
A step-by-step sales process to build a successful sales organization, including ROAM Fast-start, coaching, sales builder program and technology solutions.

The program includes 3 main part

The process of 12 steps you should have in Sales, Build, Lead and how you can use it effectively in your own company

Follow up leanrers to see how they can apply the knowledge in reality and in their business

Where you can meet and build up relationship with the decision makers of many companies in different fields

PART 1 – Training & Coaching Sessions (3 Days Offline)

Timeline & Activities of 3 days offline

DAY 1 - Sales Process DAY 2 - Build Process DAY 3 - Lead Process

Understanding the importance of 12 steps in a standard sales process

Module 1 - Finding Leads
Module 2 - Winning Leads
Module 3 - Keeping Leads

Module 1 - Recruitment - Builders’ Lifeblood
Build and find the right candidates for your team
Module 2 - Selecting to win
Helping you hire the right audience to grow your business and move into a million dollar business.

Fast-start your result - Leading a million dollar organization

What will you achieve?



Equipping yourself with a fast-start sales system to 5-10x your sales revenue results


Receiving a comprehensive sales system to be implemented in your business, to build and lead your sales team based on global standards.


Becoming more proficient in lead conversion to improve customer experience and handle objections the right way.


Becoming a successful sales leader and taking on a leadership mindset.


Gaining a complete insight and understanding of the revenue-focused business process and how to effectively apply marketing activities to the sales process


A great chance to connect and network with other business owners and entrepreneurs from various industries.

What is the unique value proposition?

Why should you choose this?

A comprehensive and integrated sales system designed to fit and apply for any business size and model.
Supervised Program to Maximize Results within the shortest time - Gaining everything you need to know to sell, build and lead your team for success in just 3 days.
Expert consultation: A great chance to directly speak, discuss, and get advices for your business from an international mentor - Ken Bay
Educator support - After the offline training, you can ask questions and always get your answers through the followup zoom sessions
Real-life practice through group activities

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