Due to the divest culture of countries in Asia, with internet connectivity and the pride of agency leadership to make agency building professionally profitable. There is a need to evolve the ‘Asia’ perspective of practice managers of sales-focused business units or organizations need a structured course to learn about setting up and managing a successful practice. General management skills are also crucial for operating a successful practice. While courses covering areas like selling skills and product knowledge are abundant, courses instructing on successful practice management are very few.

ALPM, thus, will set a pace and benchmark of agency best practices in this region to comprehensively covers the competency standards supported by practical agency building system, ideas and experiences contributed by regional practitioners.

The Agency Leadership Practice Management course provides instructions to practice managers on industry best practices and common pitfalls, as well as shares insights on effective techniques, tools and templates.

This is also an unique program for sales leaders from independent organisation of property, networking marketing, consulting, SME(Small and Medium Enterprises), bank and financial services.

Course Outline

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Course Content


With our Reality-Based, Experiential and Action Learning principles

We aim to set to ALPM is a benchmark of professional practice management and leadership success covering competency, empowering follow up activities to eventually help agency leaders to develop their SOP and build a profitable sales organisation

Who should attend

  • Leader and Manager in the financial services industry
  • Heads/managers of financial advisory
  • Insurance Agency Leaders/managers
  • Bank relationship Managers
  • Aspiring Agency Builders

Sample Certificate


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