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In the workplace today, many professionals are facing the challenges of hitting their productivity ceiling. A point where they hit where no matter how hard they work, they can no longer produce as they did. Sometimes this leads to burn out amongst staff, and an overall hostile work environment.

This can be particularly stressful in today rapidly changing environment, with many workers unable to adapt and change as a result. Furthermore, with organizations themselves rapidly changing, they need a workforce, which can adapt as quickly as they can in order to stay competitive.

Hence, we at Voicesofsales offer a structured way to improve. This builds on the concept of the 5-success resource. The 5 resources are entrepreneurial, professional, financial intelligence, developing supports. This aims to strengthen personal worth to employability. These 5 resources
can be used to boost worksite productivity and personal management skills.

Course Outline

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Program’s objectives:

1. To introduction the 5 principles of personal success strategies
2. To be able to apply and re-organise effective mindset in work life
3. To understand the 5 success resources to then able to apply to work
life to increase productivity for the learners and guiding others toward
their goals at work.

Course Content

1. Professional : to understand how to use ‘X-factor’ or personal
strategies in acquiring and influence opportunities in career

2. Financial : understand the 8 principles of prudent financial
management in the events of transition

3. Entrepreneurial : to understand the concept of emotional,
digital, social and adversity quotients in aspects of work life

4. Support: the 4 pillars approaches to supporting personal and worksite
successes, like who to connect to getting tasks effectively carried out,
peers support, family and religious

5. Health: learn about the concept of RED health approaches and mindfulness
of life

Who should attend

  • Managers, PMNET
  • Customers’ engagements personnel
  • Job seekers
  • Middle management and above


I have a better understanding of the future – Afiq, SPF

Very well Structured and easy to digest – Joey Png, SPF

The 5 Success Resources has opened my mind to the ups and downs in Life and how to manage them   -Md Naushed, SPF

Certificate of Accomplishment

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