3 Reasons to Qualify leads.

3 Reasons to Qualify leads.

For the new salesperson, everyone is a lead. Friends neighbours, relatives, the person whom just walked by you. With digital marketing and the Internet, you could arguably reach ever single person on earth!

Despite this, it make no sense to actually do this. If you are selling coffee in Singapore, what would be the point of promoting to someone in America? Even if you had his contact, would it even be worth the time?

Of course not. Unless you knew he was immigrating to Singapore. Yet very often we simple of after anyone in sight. While this might work in some customer approaches, it will not for many.

So here are three good reasons to Qualify leads.

  • Maximizing Resources.

Approaching leads requires time, effort, resources. The overall objective of generating leads, in fact the entire sales process , is to get a sales and make money . Getting that sales requires resources. It takes time of a salesperson to go and give a presentation. Hence by qualifying leads, you can determine which leads will more likely to get sales and even discard some leads which have no chance of getting you those leads

  • Improving clarify

To qualify leads, you need to have a criteria. A check list of things that will tell you the level of priority for the lead and if they are worth you time. Did the lead express interest in your product/service ? Is this lead in your core target group? Does this lead have the problem your product/service solve? If those answers are yes ,then you should call those leads before you call the leads who are no!

  • Reducing Risk

In some cases, you might not want to target everyone. Your product/service is exclusive to a specific target group, and targeting other groups might actually be detrimental for your brand . In the age of automated and digital sales, it would be easy for a careless error to ruin your reputation. If you sell beer, would you want your digital sales to target children?

All in all it is important, for the salesperson and the organisation to qualify your leads in order to maximise results and ensure the WOW experience!

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