Everyone Can Sell 7-09-2017

Everyone Can Sell 7-09-2017


Over the last week we conducted our monthly Everyone Can Sell ( ECS ) Public Class. Ken always had a passion for sales and teaching sales. For sales is the simplest skill a person can learn in order to see immediate results. At the same time, learning how to sell is one of the hardest skills to learn as it involves work with people. Hence Ken turned he has knowlage and experience

For this class, with our participants from diverse fields from sport to insurance to charity In addition, we had different groups of people within he insurance, from veteran manager to brand new agents. This serves as an excellent opportunity for different groups of people to learn from each other.

Class activity

Apart from Class speaking, there were plenty of activities to help participants internalize the ideas of selling.

Discussion when attempting to set up the sales cycle.   Among the participants, there was disagreement on how it should look, stemming from the lack of common language among the sales people even within the same organisation.

Discussions during the activity with Trainer and Founder Ken Bay, in the center.


Activity during the Oscar award

Trainer Ken Bay facilitating during the Oscar award
Participants had to role play in a sales scenario to better prepare them for the sales environment

As for the quality of the training, here is what a participant,Felicity ,has to say:

‘Ken makes the session so interesting and relevant to different industries. Everyone,  regardless of of their occupation needs to sell and should learn the skills to sell”

Another participant , Galvin Tham also said:

“Trainer reiterate the basic of sales process and also showed us the 6 seen sales profile which is quite important to by business. “

Galvin was talking about the 6 sales profiles, the a tool developed by Ken Bey to help sales people understand themselves better . They can be done for free here.

The satisfied participants at the end of the the training. Note: several participants had to leave before the end of the training.

If you want to join, us for a skillsfuture subsided training, do check us out at https://voicesofsales.com/everyone-can-sell/

If you have any questions, do message at at sales@voicesofsales.com


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