Malaysia ECS and our 2nd TTT

Malaysia ECS and our 2nd TTT

Singapore strength, even in the earliest days, was been in international trade though our ports. Nowadays, the aim of every Singaporean company is to go global. One way of expanding is to simple go overseas, and how to establish a physical and marketing presence. We at voicesofsales choose an alternative path, and working with local partner. In this case, Sales Genius Asia.

Sales Genius Asia is our partner in Malaysia. With their help, we conducted our a successful Everyone Can Sell as well as a Train the Trainer program.












Our registration table

Master Trainer Ken Bay beginning his training

Apart from lecturing, the class was filled with activities. From “Fixing up the Sales Cycle” to doing our signature profiling tool the Sales Talent Matrix and finally the Oscar award

Activity: Fixing up the Sales Cycle

In sales, there is this saying: ” To get results we have to go back to basics” . Another saying is that ” the Key to success in business in having a system” . Hence the activity, where participants had to arrange the 12 step sales process in order. Without a a systemic approach, many sales people fall short.

At the end, participants would have to explain their reasoning, before our trainers would go thought with them.

Master Trainer Ken , concluding the activity

Activity: Oscar Award

In this activity, participants role play a sales scenario using the sales profiles . This helps prepare the participants to identify a prospect profile and adapt accordingly


Words from one of our Participants, Mr Asil

“I was quite worried that I couldn’t keep up with the program as I always had this fear of nothing well versed in selling/marketing but I am so glad that this is not the case with today session! I had a good time leaing about my personality/Sales Image and the Oscar awards.”


New trainers

Ken did not do the training alone . Many people want to become trainers to the Everyone Must Sell course. Some even attended our Train the Trainer program. Here some of them stepped up to assist with the training as well as train specific sections of the program

Ching Lee Hwa, facilitating the class after the break. She was instrumental to organizing the class

Catherine, taking charge of topic 2 : Fixing up the sales cycle

Stephan Huang, facilitating with the Oscar Awards

William Assisting with Topic 3: the 6 Sales profiles


In the end, it was a great day of learning for both ourselves, our partners and the participants,and we are looking forward to conducting training in future.

Of course, the next day we held our special Train the Trainer program , to prepare those whom want to teach the program.

Special shout out to HELP University for providing the venue for our training



The Voicesofsales team having dinner with a few of our participants after the training.

If you are interested in joining our training and possible becoming a trainer yourself or if you have any other questions about our program, please email us at

If you are in Malaysia and are interested in linking up with our Malaysian partner, check them out at on facebook!

If you are have a sample of the training, feel free to take a free version of the sales profiling tool. Click here!

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