Everyone Can Sell 22-07-2017

Everyone Can Sell 22-07-2017

Over the last weekend we conducted our monthly Everyone Can Sell ( ECS ) Public Class. Ken always had a passion for sales and teaching sales. For sales is the simplest skill a person can learn in order to see immediate results. At the same time, learning how to sell is one of the hardest skills to learn as it involves work with people.

It was a very unique class, with our participants from diverse fields from sport to insurance to property and even installing switchboards. While a diverse class can be challenging, it also is an excellent learning opportunity to find out about those outside our own fields. With Ken Bay and his assistant trainer Eric Lim, this proved to be no problem at all.

ECS SFC 7 Start

ECS SFC 7 Start

and what a class it was. Rather then me tell you about it, why not have a look for yourself?

This was not the entire training, and there were many many more moment and activities not captured on camera, privileged to those whom were fortunate enough to attend.

Note: A number of participants had to leave before the class ended.

If you want to join, us for a skillsfuture subsided training, do check us out at https://voicesofsales.com/everyone-can-sell/

If you would like to become a trainer do check out our upcoming Train the Trainer program here

If you have any questions, do message at at sales@voicesofsales.com

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