Everyone Can Sell for Financial Services

Everyone Can Sell for Financial Services

“Many people, including financial planners themselves wonder why they have to go for so much training. Then they ask why go for this ECS( Everyone Can Sell) course. Yet by the end of the training they always find it super helpful.” Eric Lim

Everyone Can Sell was designed by Ken Bay, a very successful former director in the financial services industry to help everyone improve their sales skills. One core group he always wanted to help was those in his industry. The feedback we received over our training has always been the same : “Ken, we know what to do . But why aren’t ( ether myself or my agents or both) doing it?”  After the training the answer became clear: “We know what to do but we never systematized, hence we never got the results we wanted ”

Hence last Monday we conducted a special joint class for a few different agencies.


Start of the class


A new trainer

A more significant milestone was the debut of our latest associate trainer: Eric!

Eric had attended not only our Everyone Can Sell program but also the Train the Trainer Program conducted in Malaysia. He benefited greatly from both of the training, not only helping his ow sales but also helping other by teaching the course himself. This training he distinguished himself by not only helping Ken, but also conducted some of the segments.

Eric in action!



A core competency is not just being able to stand in front of a class and lecture, but also conducting the activities and engaging the class to help them accelerate their learning. Eric turned out to be a master at this, conducting the activity, the 12 step cycle and assisting Ken with the activity, Oscar Awards

This was not the entire training, and there were many many more moment and activities not captured on camera, privileged to those whom were fortunate enough to attend.


In fact, many participants had very good things to say. Here are just a few examples.

“Ken is [a] great speaker and has so much great experience that was shared with us. The stuff he shared are relevant and a good reminder for my 3 year old business. ” Andy Kong

“Trainers are very experienced and able to deliver the content in simplified ways . The course helps me to understand the 6 different profiles and to handle them to get the results we want. ” Katherine Tan

“Engaging trainers with fun life experiences.” Lim Weiliang

All it all, we had an excellent mix of fun and practical learning.

If you want to join, us for a skillsfuture subsided training, do check us out at https://voicesofsales.com/everyone-can-sell/

If you would like to become a trainer do check out our upcoming Train the Trainer program here

If you have any questions, do message at at sales@voicesofsales.com

Speical thanks to iFast for hosting us!

Ken Bay, Eric and myself at the end of a day of training

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