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There is a story Voicesofsales founder Ken Bay told at the beginning of our training .

There are two salesmen whom were sent to sell slipper in a third world country. So both went to see what they could do. One quickly called back and said this: “ Boss, I’m coming back. No one here wears slipper. No business to be done.” The other salesperson also called back but instead said this” “Boss, I’m going to move here! No one here wears slippers! There is business to be done!”

So was the case when we went to Singapore Press Holdings ( SPH ) to train their vendors.

Having accurate news is critical to business and sales. To know what is going on in the wider worlds so that we can take measures and precautions in order to increase profits and mitigate loss.

The newspaper industry in Singapore was facing challenges, with an aging population as well as the general shift to digital news. They wanted to support their vendors. If the vendors increase their sales, so does SPH Hence SPH , invited us to run a specialized , 3 half day training to help them improve their sales with a focus on hunting. During this training, we pointed out that less then 20% of households have subscription. Which meant that 80% of households still did not have a subscription, meaning that the market was an evergreen market.

Hence the training began, fixing up the sales cycle, developing a sales script, a crash course into body language and finally some role play. All this was covered across the three days

We had a blast working with SPH and their vendors, and were able to gain an interesting insight into an industry important to us all. In fact the participants agreed as well. You can here from them in our testimonial section

We are honored to be part of this pilot group, and hope to be able to help more in future!

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