AXA ECS training

AXA ECS training


Wow, cut my wrist..’insurance blood’ gush out! Training insurance agents were just so fun!- Ken Bay Founder, Voicesofsales.

This is a comment Ken mentions quite often. He even posted it on his facebook recently.

Which is very true. Ken started his career decades ago in the insurance industry . Starting out as an agent, he quickly moved up the ranks to an agency director and later a trainer. Last Thursday he returned to his home market.

And quite a return it was! The landscape of the financial industry has evolved together with Singapore, with the increased sophistication of the market, the spike in government regulations and the emergence of the new digital edge to business. A new challenging world for the agents and agency alike.

Yet the more things change the more they stay the same. Or as Ken puts it ” Sales principles remain the same situation change”.

This was of particular importance as the financial services industry needs to sell, to be able to Find, Win and Keep their clients. Only then will they be able to properly service and provide financial protection. This is were ken grabbed his markers and go into action, painting a beautify chart.




Participation, the key to learning

Of course, it was not all lecture. Voicesofsales prides ourselves on having activities. And hence up was the simple but critical questions: What are the sales step in order? Always a dicey topic as there were plenty of disagreement of what goes where.Here is a glimpse of the activity.


This was not the entire training, and there were many many more moment and activities not captured on camera, privileged to those whom were fortunate enough to attend.

In fact, many participants had very good things to say. Here are just a couple of examples.

“Anyone in sales should go try it [the ECS program] , especially for someone [whom] plans to do  [a] management job” PANG YUANCHEN

“[I] Think Ken has managed to simplify what sales process is about and also allow me to understand the different sales images are about. Most importantly, allows me to embrace sales and accept who we really are. ” Eileen Quek

And also simply

“Great program. Every sales person should go though this program” Ng Kee Ting

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Hope to see you soon!


Special thanks to AXA for hosting us!

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