Conclusion of the our very first Train The Trainer

Conclusion of the our very first Train The Trainer

Conclusion of the our very first TTT ( Train The Trainer)

A common criticism of the business of training is availability. People come to listen and learn from an established trainer. However that can be a very tiring business, limited by the trainer themselves. While our trainers are our greatest asset, they should not become a limiting factor when growing a business.

Hence, over this weekend with our partner, sales genius, we concluded our very first Train the Trainer session.

These is the first of many steps for both our participants and our company. During the session, participants took turns presenting different sections of the main training. This is no easy feat as they had to memories and internalise our content then also present it in a meaningful way. To our surprise the majority of our participants were able to do this and bring in their own flavor to complicated subject matter such as the selling clock model and the 6 sales images.

Setting up the sales cycle

The participants have a way ahead of themselves to becoming full ledge trainers. Some will inevitably not continue with us. To each their own. Some will want to sell our program, after we are a sales intelligence company, what better product for them to gain experience selling then ours? Some will focus on training, in which they still have to undergone a certification and probation period before they can run their own class.

Lastly there is the fusion group Ken as called the trainerpurner model, those whom want to train as well as sell. The best way to learn about something is to go do it and as we say, get gud(a slang for practicing and failing until reaching a point of competency). This would give them the true training, turning what ever they learnt in the classroom into actual action and personalising it from there. Hence their Of course once they become full fledged trainer they can reap the full rewards.

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