Elon Musk Brilliant Keynote

Elon Musk Brilliant Keynote

Why Elon musk keynote address was brilliant.

Step 7(lucky number) of the sales cycle is the presentation. If you are a sales painter, actor or architects, you will need to know how to do this. That exactly what Elon musk did a week ago, giving a sales presentation on his latest product. Arguably however, it was the best sales presentation I have ever seen on YouTube, sorry Mr Jobs.
Why? See for yourself below on YouTube.

I’ll be honest, by the time he finished at the 17:45 mark my reaction was







So should it be considered best keynote ever? We at VoicesOfSales broke it down into a few major points:

1) Right pacing
Pacing is one of the most important aspects of any speech. Speak too slows, people zone out and go into their own worlds. Speak too fast and people reply with “What did he say?” In either case your message is lost. Elon has managed to hit the Goldilocks zone of pacing, not too fast, and not to slow. This is especially important considering the complexity of introducing a brand new, never-before-seen product.

2) Right language
Yes, he’s speaking English. SIMPLE ENGLISH. Many salespeople try to use too much jargon, too much complex sentence structure, too weird analogies. Heck, I’v been guilty of that! Elon’s presentation nails simplicity in language. Everything from:
“The main problem with solar is that the sun does not shine all night” 2:20 min
“The problem with existing batteries, is that they suck.” 5:28 min
And even too:
“It’s like, 2 billion PowerPacks (to convert all the worlds energy to his battery), is that a crazy number? …It’s not. The number of cars and trucks that we have on the road is approximately 2 billion. The number of cars and truck on the road is approximately 2 billion. Every 20 years that gets refreshed. This is actually within the power of humanity to do.” 14:53min
Simple language, gets the message across, get the job done. Mission accomplished

3) Right Humour
It wasn’t a stand-up comedy, but the keynote was funny nonetheless.
“The problem with existing batteries, is that they suck.” 5:28 min
“I’m tempted to do that billion thing…..restrain my hand ”14:24 min
Humour is important to keep your audience engaged and awake, but more importantly, to make them feel an emotion during the keynote. It is key to keep the audience emotionally involved to improve not only the success of the presentation, but to lay the foundation for the later parts of the presentation. By using humour, you can keep the audience alive, and in turn, keep your presentation alive as well.

4) Visualization of data and beautiful slides
Every keynote will require PowerPoint and big data, but the challenges faced was always how to keep it appealing. Whole companies have been created with its sole dedication being to create wonderful PowerPoint visuals. So how did Elon do when it came to his PowerPoint?

5) The perfect demonstration
In all keynote presentations, a demonstration is crucial to win over user confidence. A product/service without substance is no product/service at all. It’s not just demonstrating the product in the traditional sense, but rather the key selling point. For the Macbook Air, being able to remove it from that famous manila envelope, demonstrating it’s size and weight.
Elon has taken this one step more. During his demonstration,at 12:20, he asked to switch energy from the existing grid to his batteries. Turns out, he never used the grid, and the entire night was powered by his batteries! The entire event itself was a demonstration for his products! Whether this can be duplicated is debatable, but it is undisputed that the batteries, and hence the demonstration, works.

6) Selling batteries vs selling a dream
We sales people often get too carried away by the “What” and the how rather than the so what and why. The most time devoted in his presentations were not to his batteries but rather to painting a pictures of a brighter futures, powered by stored sunlight. How together, Elon, Tesla and all of us could reduce pollution and stop climate change. How such technology could help people in remote parts if the world. And with no interruption to what you already do! It’s never what your product can do, but rather what does that mean.Selling not just batteries, but a dream of renewable energy.

7) It’s short.
The whole thing is 18:02 min long. Apples is normally 1:19:35, or 1:35:15, ASUS is 33:58, Facebook is 1:00:34
No one like being forced to listen through long lectures, we faced that enough at school. Even topics we love can be moved to boarders, provided it’s dragged for too long.
The perfect sales presentation is the one that ends before you want it to. It’s the psychology of the encore. Gets you to demand that the sales go on! Beyond that, the art if the sales is to close at maximum interest, not after interest has died down.
In conclusion:

The goal of every sales presentation is to sell your product to the masses. Elon Musk has done that beautifully. And results show. He’s already got 38,000 power-wall( the small wall ones) and 2,500 ( the wardrobe) reservations. That’s approximately 176.5 million dollars in revenue. In 6 days. Results shows.
Presentation people out there, whether you be salespeople, keynote speakers or students presenting your projects, keep in mind Elon Musk presentation. It might us make your presentation a little more interesting.

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